Skill Development & Vocational Training Centre

Equipping individuals with relevant skills is key to unlocking economic opportunities. RDF’s skill development programs offer vocational training, apprenticeships, job placement services, and entrepreneurship support. We focus on enhancing technical, entrepreneurial, and soft skills to enable individuals to secure gainful employment, start businesses, and contribute to economic growth.

Gohdo Centre

This Center provides training of hand embroidery, dress making, needle work, fabric, glass painting and handmade decoration pieces. This training helps the women to generate income. Currently 25 students are enrolled in it.
Now, RDF centre Gohdo intends to move towards self-reliance & sustainable project from 2024.

Parial Centre

The center is poised to become a hub for skill development, offering an array of programs designed to uplift individuals and enhance their employability with specialized courses in dressmaking, handicrafts, embroidery, knitting, and beautician services.

Mandala Kayani

RDF established a Vocational Training Center for women in Mandla Kiyani. The Centre provides training in hand embroidery, advance dress making, Knitting and needle work.

Jhandu Centre

Another Vocational Training Centre opened in Jhandu by RDF. The center is set up to become a focal point for learning new skills, offering an array of programs designed to uplift individuals and enhance their employability.
Knitting unit at village Jhandu near Tarnol, Students are taught various knitting techniques, from basic stitches to more complex patterns, to enhance their knitting skills.

Barakahu Centre

In Barakahu, this centre aiming to enhance the skills, employability, and overall socio-economic development of the local population. This center typically offers a range of vocational training programs tailored to the needs of the community. The focus is on providing practical skills and knowledge that empower individuals to pursue gainful employment or start their own businesses within the rural context.