Agriculture forms the backbone of rural economies. RDF’s agricultural programs focus on enhancing productivity, promoting sustainable farming practices, ensuring food security, and improving farmers’ livelihoods. We provide access to modern techniques, high-quality seeds, irrigation systems, market linkages, and agricultural training to empower farmers and boost rural incomes.

Kitchen Gardening

RDF has established 11 kitchen gardens, one in RDF Head Office Islamabad and 10 in the field areas. RDF has trained almost 25 farmers (6 Women, 19 Men) on kitchen gardens through various training sessions and experts. The purpose of Kitchen Garden is to create awareness among farmers to utilize their unutilized land for growing of healthy organic food and to save money.

Plantation Drives

RDF has celebrated plantation day in Taxila with school children and Community members and planted 2000 plants & also conducted Plantation Drive at National Skill University Islamabad. The purpose of tree plantation is to create awareness among people about the importance of plants & their impact on climate change.