Mother & Child Health Care

Ensuring the health and well-being of mothers and children is paramount for vibrant rural communities. RDF’s healthcare initiatives include maternal health services, child immunization programs, nutrition support, family planning, hygiene education, and healthcare infrastructure development. We aim to reduce maternal and child mortality rates, improve health outcomes, and promote healthy lifestyles.

Medical Camp with Medical University

RDF organized a Free Medical Camp with the collaboration of Riphah International Hospital in which 14 Doctors of different expertise served
almost 700 patients. President RDF Brig (R) M Aslam khan & Director Project Mr. Zil ur Rehman Qureshi visited the Camp along with their delegation of RDF Family. President RDF pay thanks to Dr. Haleem Azhar for his coordination for such successful medical camp.

Tele Health Services

RDF is making primary health care accessible to the underprivileged in the Rural Areas through Tele Health services.

  • Total Patients Treated 3000 (During 2023)
  • Free Medical Camps 3 Camps, Beneficiary Patient 1000
Free Homeopathic Medical Camp

RDF organized a Free Homeopathic Camp at Mandla Barakhau, Islamabad on 22 September 2023. President RDF Brig (R) M Aslam khan visited the Camp and distributed the souvenirs to the managing team of RDF and Dr. Murtaza Mughal to pay gratitude to his service for humanity. Almost 300 patients were treated in this camp.