Our Mission

The mission of RDF is to act as a facilitator in order to make the people aware of their potentials to undertake their development according to their own aspiration and priorities. The approach is “Village-Based, People Centered, Action Oriented, Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Development”.

Our Philosophy

  •  The Foundation is created with the belief that a non-profit, non-political and a non-government Pakistani organization, sensitive to the needs, aspirations, capabilities and potential of the rural poor, can play a distinctive role in support of government efforts in stimulating rural development.
  • The Foundation believes that private public partnership can help in strengthening the educational, social, economic and cultural efforts that are crucially vital to national progress, human advancement and self-actualization.
  • The Foundation is convinced that the people of rural areas should themselves identify and resolve their problems and that external advice and assistance plays only a supporting role.
  • The Foundation lays strong emphasis on the development of human resources.

Our Goals

The ultimate aim of the Foundation is to stimulate and promote activities, focused on rural poor and thereby improving their quality of life; through diffusion of useful knowledge, instruction (education and trainings), awareness raising, research and development of human and material resources. Our objectives are:

  • To facilitate and assist the village community to organize Village Development Committees (VDCs) to undertake surveys, to identify problems, formulate small projects and implement the development programmes/projects.
  • To train the VDCs to improve their management capacity and expertise in formulation of small projects.
  • To increase the income of rural communities through kitchen gardens and small scale agriculture.
  • Education and health at grass root level for all.
  • To carry out research on various aspects of rural development.
  • To foster and develop linkages with rural development organizations both in Pakistan and abroad to share knowledge and experience.
  • Acting as a think-tank to organize seminars, workshops, forums to discuss and document the deliberations on different rural development issues.
  • To publish and disseminate information to member NGOs/CBOs (National Network)
  • To act as a non-banking micro finance company to provide small loans to rural people for small business and agriculture support.