Social Mobilization Strategy (2020-2025)

IV. Social Mobilization Strategy (2020-2025)

Social Mobilization has a key role in evidence-based planning, policy formulation and implementation of community based socio-economic development interventions particularly in the rural areas. Therefore, RDF has prioritized Social Mobilization as a core program activity to ensure sustainable community development programs/projects through community ownership.

Through its Social Mobilization Program, RDF has earlier established Village Development Committees (VDCs) in 1978-1985 to ensure community ownership and sustainability of development interventions. RDF continues working in Gohdo, Taxila and also plans for new development areas with a viable institutional set up (COs/VDCs/VOs/WOs) to organize and encourage the local communities to take active participation in problem identification, planning, resource mobilization and program development to overcome their issues.