On the initiative of Dr. M. Sadiq Malik, SANGO was established in 1987 by group of leading NGOs from India, Bangla Desh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan. Dr. M. Sadiq Malik was appointed the convener of SANGO by the founding member NGOs. RDF also houses headquarter of SANGO at RDF Centre, Islamabad.


The aims and objectives of SANGO are:

  • To provide a forum where NGOs may exchange views and information on matters and questions of common interest.
  • To serve as an instrument for the development, growth and improvement of NGOs and their activities
  • To serve as a source of information for governments, particularly the member governments of South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and inter-government agencies regarding the role NGOs can play in support of governments.
  • To encourage research and studies which will promote the growth and activities of NGOs.
  • To serve as centre for the collection and dissemination of information on the activities and experience of NGOs and other bodies.
  • To arrange seminars, conferences, and exchange visits publication and promotion of joint development programme wherever possible.
  • To promote networking of NGOs in South Asia and establish liaisons with governmental bodies of the region and international organizations.
  • To promote, encourage and advance the objectives and performance of SANGO by such measures as shall be deemed fit.

SANGO at present is lying in suspended animation because of political situation in the sub-continent. Since RDF is the convener and headquarter for SANGO is in the premises of foundation, steps are being taken to revive SANGO at the earliest.