1. 2010-2011 Floods

RDF Flood Relief Measures

In the wake of the disastrous situation emerging from floods in Pakistan after July 2010, RDF immediately responded to this national scale calamity and fielded its relief workers in flood affected zones especially focusing on Charsadda district of Khyber Pakhtunkha (KPK).


Medical Relief Camp

RDF organized a two-day medical relief camp at Agra Payan, a marginal and severely flood affected poor area of Charsadda District. This relief activity was carried out after an extensive survey of the area. The findings revealed that the population of Agra Payan was more vulnerable towards health hazards due to its geographical location and non-availability of necessary medical facilities. RDF immediately fielded its medical team in the area to effectively cater to the rapidly increasing serious health problems. The team comprised of two trained doctors and other paramedic staff.

During the two day camp, RDF facilitated the population of Agra Payan with necessary medical check ups along with distribution of free medicines. Over 300 patients were facilitated through this camp, which included 66 males, 93 females and 133 children. Severe skin infections, viral conjunctivitis (eye infections) and anemia were commonly diagnosed diseases among adult males and females while majority of the children had been affected by serious attacks of Gastro Enteritis.  Hypertension was also on the rise primarily due to the post disaster trauma.

The RDF medical team after identifying the aforementioned situation, strategically extended required medical support to the patients. At the RDF medical camp, not only the treatments were carried out but the flood affected population was also provided with useful guidelines regarding preventive measures to be taken against serious health threats. Shaigan Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd. actively collaborated in organizing this camp.

RDF had also been conducting continuous need assessments of the local population and these assessments suggested that concerted efforts are required that focus on three main areas for the development in Agra Payan namely establishment of a permanent medical facility, up-gradation of educational services, especially of girls school and most importantly income generation. Keeping in view the gravity of the situation in Agra Payan and other surrounding villages, RDF after an in-depth survey decided to establish a Health and Rehabilitation Centre for flood victims aiming at sustainable rehabilitation and development of affected communities with active support.


Establishing RDF Health and Rehabilitation Centre at Agra Payan

RDF established a Health and Rehabilitation Centre at Charsadda district in collaboration with Danish Muslim Aid as a response strategy to the floods 2010.The Centre aimed to rehabilitate the flood affectees of Agra Union Council spread over fifteen villages in Charsadda district. Initially, the community was provided with the necessary medical care but later on assistance for agricultural and livelihood development along with up-scaling of female education had also been planned for the area. 


Medical Camp at Khandar, Charsadda

RDF in collaboration with Danish Muslim Aid organized a one day Medical Camp at Khandar, another flood hit village of Charsadda wherein more than one hundred patients were treated by the medical teams of RDF and Danish Muslim Aid. 

  1. 2005-2006 Earthquake

Relief work done by RDF for earthquake victims

A severe earthquake struck Pakistan in KPK and Azad Kashmir region on 08 October 2005. It is considered to be the deadliest earthquake to hit South Asia since the 1935 Quetta earthquake. The Pakistani nation rose to help their brethren in the time of need. RDF also played an important role in the earthquake affected area for the rescue of people as well as in Islamabad to provide temporary shelter to the influx of migrating earthquake victims. RDF took a truck load of relief goods to Bagh A.J.K. which was handed over to Army Division, HQ Bagh for distribution to the affected people.

A relief camp was also established at RDF Centre building where some tents in addition to the available building space were pitched in the lawns to help incoming earthquake victims who were provided shelter and food including medical service till such times that these persons were removed by the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Government to AJK area or to other camps for their rehabilitation.