Based on the learning’s of the RDF Taxila Pilot Project Godho back in 1983 and anticipating the impacts of paradigm shift in development sector especially operationalization of national and international NGOs due to changes in the policies of the Govt. of Pakistan, RDF has taken an initiative in compliance with Govt. policies and scenario change in combating poverty alleviation with a result oriented development project/program.

Intervention of RDF in new proposed project area (Shahdara Valley) has been designed based on the findings of Baseline Survey, Core principles of Community Mobilization, participation, networking and sustainability to reflect RDF’s strategic vision and overall goal. Furthermore, the geographic location and easy access from RDF to the new project site will be instrumental for effective monitoring & evaluation of projects to achieve its desired objectives. Shahdara Valley is a picnic spot in Islamabad, which will be helpful in visibility of RDF to national and international stakeholders of development.

   Way Forward

RDF staff also held a corner meeting with few activists from Shahdara Valley to discuss about the future strategy of RDF and community priorities in development intervention.

As a follow-up to the initial intervention in Shahdara Valley, RDF Program staff will also hold a number of meetings with selected community members i.e. village activists, political leaders, religious leaders, women and youth to ensure effective community participation from project identification to exit phase of RDF from Shahdara Valley.