The provision of quality health care services in rural and remote areas is critical to good health, yet rural residents face variety of access barriers either due to the lack of nearby health center or because of economic constraints. A Mother and Child Healthcare Centre (MCHC) was established in the RDF Center Godho-Taxila, with the aim to ensure the health of local residents by providing basic health services, free medicines and first aid.

The Center is also committed to provide awareness on various health issues and conducts regular information sessions on prevalent viral and bacterial diseases. The Center is currently providing its services not only to the local people but also to the residents of surrounding areas. The target area of the health center consists of 4 Union Councils of Taxila and 1 Union Council of Attock District as these UCs are adjacent to the Godho Village.

RDF MCH Center Godho is providing the following facilities to the locals of Godho and its adjacent villages;

  • Outpatient Department Treatments (OPD)
  • Provision of first aid services
  • Childhood Vaccination
  • Family Planning Guidelines
  • Health awareness sessions
  • Provision of medicine