Model Villages

RDF carried out a comprehensive detailed survey of the 56 villages in Tehsil Taxila. Based on this baseline survey, fields of activities were identified while a strategy was formulated keeping in view the shortcomings of civic services in these villages.

RDF has selected the following Model Villages:

  1. Bhallar Top Union Council – Ghari Sikandar
  2. Karam Wall Union Council – Khurram Paracha
  3. Tootnian Union Council – Usman Khattar
  4. Dheri Mallhu Union Council – Por Miana
  5. Jalala Banian Union Council – Jalala
  6. Bujjar Union Council – Lab Thathho
  7. Thatta Khalil Union Council – Thatta Khalil

The villages will be developed on the pattern of focal village Godho. The development strategy is to organize Village Development Committees (VDCs) in each village, provide them training so that they can formulate small projects according to their own aspirations and can participate in the development process of their own village.