Completed Projects

Construction of RDF Centre Building and Setting-up RDF Headquarter
Year :1983
Donor :GoP
Amount :Rs. …

RDF Land Purchased, Building Construction, Seed money, necessary purchases such as furniture and fixtures, equipments, vehicles, program costs, etc. for operationalisation of the Foundation.

This amount was donated by the GoP on the direct order of the President of Pakistan, General Mohammed Zia-ul-Haq who was also the Patron in chief of the Foundation.

Water Supply-Godho:
Year :1983
Amount :Rs.100, 000/-

Lay-down of main pipeline from tube-well for 1500 Gallons per day water supply for entire village. The internal network water supply was done by the community on self-help basis.

Pilot Project-Godho:
Year :1983
Donor :CIDA
Amount :Rs. 152,897/-

Establishment of a Skill Development Center for women to impart training on various vocational skills so that they can earn their livelihood.

A mother and Child Health Center was also established to provide basic health facilities to poor women and children of the community.

National Workshop:
Year :1983
Donor :ILO and Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development
Amount :US $ 10,000/-

National workshop on Rural Non-Farming Activities for Men and Women for Employment and Income Generation

Year :1985
Donor :ILO
Amount :US $ 10,000/-

Regional Seminar on Role of NGOs in Rural Development

National Seminar:
Year :1985
Donor :FAO
Amount :US$ 12,053/-

“Cooperation in Rural Development to Alleviate Poverty” held at Hyderabad-Sindh

Afghan Refugee Project-Nowshera-NWFP:
Year :1986
Donor :UNHCR
Amount :Rs. 450,000/-

Conversion of Abundant Air-field into an agriculture farm for the rehabilitation of over 1000 Afghan Refugees, Installed Tube-well for drinking and irrigation purpose, Vegetable growing, etc.

Social Mobilisation in 200 Villages of Pakistan:
Year :1985-1987
Donor :Freidrich Neumann Stiftung –Germany
Amount :DM 180,000/-

Formed 200 Village Development Committees: Community mobilization taken place in 200 villages in the four provinces of Pakistan and community were trained (capacity building) in self-help basis project for their area development.

Regional Seminar:
Year :1987
Donor :International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA) – Geneva
Amount :US$ 15000

Organized Regional Seminar on Management Development of NGOs in South Asia

Consultation Workshop:
Year :1991
Donor :ELCI –Nairobi and CIDA
Amount :US$ 13,200/-

Consultation workshop on National Conservation Strategy held in Islamabad

Family Planning Project – Godho:
Year :1993-93
Donor :NGOCC
Amount :Rs. 200,000

Over 3000 women benefited from this project

Year :1993
Donor :ILO
Amount :Rs. 73,800

Workshop on Role of NGOs in promoting self Employment in Rural Areas of Pakistan, held in Mian Channu.

Population Planning Project – Godho:
Year :1994-97
Amount :Rs. 500,000/-

Over 5000 women benefited from the project.

Samli School Project:
Year :1994
Donor :AusAid
Amount :Rs. 180,134

Provision of furniture and fixture in primary school of Samli.

Research Studies:
Year :1992 – 1996
Donor :Asian NGO Coalition for Agrarian Reforms and Rural Development
Amount :

Farmers Participation in management of irrigation water resources in Pakistan, Punjab province – Country Paper presented in Asian Development Forum in New Delhi from 3-6 February 1992

Sustainable agriculture towards food security and enhancing the quality of life – Country Paper presented in Asian Development Forum in Gagayan De Ore City, The Philippines from 22-26 February 1993

Village centered development towards sustainable livelihoods for Asian grass roots communities – Country Paper presented in The Third Asian Development Forum in Khathmandu, Nepal from 14-18 February 1994

Transforming institutions towards the empowerment of Asian grassroots communities – Country Paper presented in Asian Development Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 20-24 February 1995

People Ceneterd Development: An alternative paradigm – Country Paper presented in Asian Development Forum in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Social Forestry Project Sihala:
Year :1995
Donor :Environment and Affairs Division
Amount :Rs. 200,000

Over 100,000 saplings for Tree Plantation were distributed in Tehsil Taxila under National Conservation Strategy.

Social Forestry Project – Khan Pur Road:
Year :1995
Amount :Rs. 200,000

Established nurseries: Over 200,000 saplings for Tree Plantation were distributed in Tehsil Taxila.

Year :1997
Donor :ILO
Amount :Rs. 399,000

National seminar: Alleviation of Poverty in Rural Areas of Pakistan through Income Generation / Micro Enterprise Leading to Employment.

Year :1998
Donor :ILO
Amount :Rs. 194,000

National Seminar on Poverty Alleviation; Causes and solutions.

Safe Environment-Biogas Project:
Year :1998
Donor :Energy Resource Department – GoP
Amount :Rs. 100,000

Installed 8 bio gas plants in 8 villages of Tehsil Taxila.

Health Sanitation Project:
Year :1999
Donor :Self-Financed
Amount :Rs. 300,000

Improved sanitation and health hygiene by constructing latrines and drainage facilities for community of village Godho

200 Village Food Security Project:
Year :1999
Donor :ANGOC-Philippines
Amount :US$ 10,000

200 Village Food Security Project was launched by ANGOC as a follow up of the First World Food Summit (November, 1996, Rome) to establish mechanisms to monitor and determine the extent to which WFS commitments have been achieved. The objective of the project was to assess food security at the household and community level in 10 Asian countries. The 10 countries include Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. RDF was selected the focal point to carry out this survey in Pakistan.

RDF selected 20 villages through its national network of CBOs and compiled a comprehensive household survey of 20 villages (600 households) according to the guidelines proposed by ANGOC.

Water Supply through Hnd Pumps:
Year :2005
Donor :Self-Financed
Amount :Rs. 92,000

Provision of drinking water through 10 hand pumps in five villages of district Khanewal.

Adult Literacy Program:
Year :2005
Donor :NCHD
Amount :Rs. 156,250

Established 25 Adult Literacy centers in Taxila, 508 women passed the exams for mathematics, reading and writing.

Renovation and Brick Lining of Watercourse –Khanewal:
Year :2004-06
Donor :Bizakia Country Council Spain through World Rural Forum
Amount :Euro 37,071

RDF prepared this project and submitted it to World Rural Forum Spain in 2003. The project was approved and funded by Bizakia Country Council, Spain.

Water Course No. 57484 which was previously a mud channel measuring 3.2 km was redesigned, renovated and brick lined in which 40 water regulators including 5 culverts were installed. All the curves and depressions were avoided, so as from previous zigzag channel, a straight water channel was designed which helped in the improvement of water velocity and low mud silting with increased water flow thus beneficiaries at the tail end were also getting adequate supply of water.

The channel was inhibited by 5 different family tribes. One community member from each tribe was taken to constitute a management committee with the chairman of a local NGO, Yasir Development Foundation (RDF Network Member) as president of the committee. The project was supervised by RDF but its management was carried out by the management committee thus having full participation of the community in the implementation, management and supervision of the project work.

The command area of the water channel is 506 acres with 61 farmers, 600 direct beneficiaries and 3000 indirect beneficiaries. Through this project, the proper water management resulted saving of 30-40 % loss of water and thus it enhanced the productivity of crops.